Here it is people! You voted for it and you will surely get what you wanted.

I guess this is the beginning of ‘CHANGE” and the “NO INCREASES” in MEDICARE.

For the first time in history, Congress will not allow an increase in
The Social Security COLA (cost of living adjustment). In fact, The
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation predicts there may not be any COLA for the next three years. However, the per person monthly Medicare Insurance premium will be increased from the 2009 premium of $96.40 to $104.20 in 2010 and to $120.20 for the year 2011.

Of course it is hard for me to feel bad. I haven’t got a raise in almost eight (8) years. In fact, if you count the benefit and bonus cuts these past few years I make over $4,000 a year less. That number does not take inflation into consideration.

How many seniors voted for the Democrats that are doing this to them? How many people really understand why this is happening? How many people are knowledgeable enough to realize that this is only the beginning?

The mud slide has just begun. I can’t wait to see what is next! Cap-and-Trade anyone?