I read a couple of stories that make me wonder and think WTH?

Here is the first one: McCarthy Plows Neighbors’ Driveways.

Now it is a nice story about Mike McCarthy and how he LOVES to use his monster snowblower to help his friends. Makes me think he is a nice guy.

Then tonight I got to read this story: Lambeau shovelers needed.

Okay, I’ll wait while this sinks in.

( Elevator music … 3, Elevator music … 2, Elevator music … 1 )

1) WE pay Mike McCarthy to coach the Green Bay Packers.
2) He spends his time playing with an over sized garden tractor.
3) When the time comes for the Packers to use his plowing prowess he hires out!

Mister Mike? Where will you be on Saturday? Hmmmm?

I’m not complainin’, I’m just sayin’…