As a citizen of the United States who supports our Constitution, I believe it is the foremost duty of our government to provide for national defense – including the enforcement of prosecuting those who enter our country illegally!

I support Arizona’s laws empowering enforcement against illegal immigrants. I support the idea of enacting similar legislation in our state!

Illegal immigration is OUT OF CONTROL. It appears that the President and Congress are appeasing illegal aliens in order to gain their citizenship and their vote. This is reprehensible for lawbreakers to obtain any special status for illegal immigrants and their access to public services at legal taxpayer’s expense. I oppose amnesty for illegal aliens.

I urge you to obey the law of the land as the Arizona legislators have done in their state. Crack down on illegal immigration. Step up our national security by closing the porous borders. Stop the drain these illegal aliens have on our resources.

I will be monitoring your activity on this matter.

J. Frawley, Sr.