My son wanted to get a “Father Son tattoo. I suggested a Family Crest and the idea took off from there. Well, We went to Stevens Point where a friend of his does tattoo work and both got inked on Wednesday, May 5th.

I have been asked by many people what the symbols in the crest mean. So here is the defination starting at the top:

The top symbol is a Greyhound. The Greyhound symbolizes Courage, vigilance, and loyalty.

The Upside down Blue crown:
a) The color blue symbolizes Strength and Loyalty
b) The upside down crown symbolizes “First Son” as in the First Son of Ireland.

The Oak leaves in an upward sweep meaning : Antiquity and Strength.

The shield itself is divided into two sections. Shown on the dominate left is the flag of The United States. The United States will always be our homeland and where our patriotic hearts will remain. Always before and over our historic beginnings. We are the Sons of Ireland but we show allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America.

On the right in a secondary position is the flag of Ireland. We are the Sons of Ireland.

Connecting the two flags, in the center, is the Blue Lion. The lion represents a great warrior or chief. The color blue symbolizes Strength and Loyalty.

Finally, Imprinted in the banner at the bottom are the Latin words: “Si vis pacem para bellum”. Which, when translated means” If you wish for peace, prepare for war” or more literally “Peace through Strength”.

And that’s all there is to the tat!