It is interesting that the people in this country really don’t have a clue about what is going on. They seem to jump to conclusions and take everything that the main stream media says at face value. It is a joke people. They are making fun of us and you can’t or won’t even see it.

If you’re smart you may want to look at this. If you’re not… Well, There is no hope for you.

-= Jeff =-

Here is the story:

I turned on the TV Sunday morning just in time to hear TIMEMagazine’s Joe Klein on the “Chris Matthews Show” claim that Obama’s approval ratings won’t be affected negatively by the Gulf oil spill.

He is “incredibly lucky in his opposition — the oil spill is a great example,” said Klein. “The Republicans look worse on that than the Democrats do.” A chuckle was shared between Klein and Matthews.

In hindsight Democrats should be reminded that we are drilling in deep offshore wells (5,000 feet or more) because berserk environmentalists refuse to let anyone drill into the rocky tundra of ANWR even though over 75% percent of Alaskans support this kind of exploration.

Now how does this situation make Republicans look worse? Read more here and watch Glenn Beck back in 2008 explain the truth about ANWR. — Michelle Oddis

OIL SPILL BLAME GAME: Check out this must watch video of former Virginia Gov. George Allen on the future of offshore drilling.