Update:  06/29/2010: 

Uncle Barry is sending 500 troops for “support” and “surveillance”. He is also sending 250 troops to Texas. I wonder if they will be bringing their golf clubs? Maybe they will be able to get in a quick eighteen in between their “support” sessions. I’ll call ahead and make sure there will be enough refreshing Club Soda. Nothing beats a refreshing beverage after a hot day in the sun.

Uncle Barry has proved over and over again that he has no plans to do anything to protect the American citizens of this country. He is showing that he does not care about the American citizens. He does not care about the country’s borders. The only thing Uncle Barry cares about is… Well, Uncle Barry. 

If that isn’t TREASON I don’t know what is.
I wonder what would happen if Jan Brewer asked the American citizens to form a Militia and come to Arizona and do what Washington won’t do. It is quite apparent that we are now living in a kakistocracy and I believe that we, as American citizens, need to step up and take control of our borders.
And after we take control of our borders, we will need to look to the East and then take back control of our government, by force if necessary.
Jan, We’re waiting…