Warning:  This clip is almost two hours long.  It is a great history lesson and will tell you what has been happening to promote the New World Order.  The early changes have been subtle, almost unnoticeable.  Then things really start to happen when JFK comes into the picture.  It doesn’t matter of your Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Progressive.  This clip doesn’t care or lean either way.  It just states the facts.  
I personally think that it is to late to do anything about it now.  There aren’t enough people to make a change in what is happening.  Why do I think that? Well, Most of you will not even take the time to watch this.  You are the people that are uninformed, lazy, and walk freely to slaughter.  Ignorant of what is happening.  You don’t really know freedom nor even understand what real freedom is.  You look for government programs to help your sorry ass through life.  You look to the government to take care of you.  Trust me, They will.  They will keep you so dependent on them that you will have to do, go, and say what they want you to.  What does that say for your freedom of speech?
The 1% or less of the population that know and understand this I am worried for.  There aren’t enough of us to do what needs to be done.  We are also being lead down this path.  The difference is that we see what is at the end.  We will at least know what lies ahead.  I almost wish I didn’t know or understand. There are times that I wish I were a simple minded fool like the majority.     So it goes… the way of the world.