I’ve been thinking about the illegal immigration problem and think I have changed my stand. I was opposed to opening our borders between Mexico and the United States. But now I realize that there is a way that we can do this that will benefit this country and all of its citizens including the new “legal” Mexican immigrants.
Since millions of Mexican citizens wish to come to the United States so they can be prosperous and find work I think the best solution would be to bring the United States to them!
I propose to move the southern border of California, Arizona, and Texas south so it would border with Guatemala and Belize. That would solve all of our problems! Immediately after we take control of the area all of the people south of Canada and North of Guatemala and Belize would become United States citizens. The Mexican government would cease to exist. Sure, we may have to shoot Mister Calderon and a few of his cronies but think of the millions of citizens we could add to our tax rolls. And let’s not forget that we also would be adding all of the U.S. companies that moved there because of high labor costs in the U.S. to the tax rolls as well.
The only real problem we may encounter would be the drug cartels. It is obvious to me that they are better equipped to fight against a progressive move like this than the Mexican Army. The Mexican government has shown this to be true by not being able to control the cartels in the past. But, As you have probably guessed, I have a solution for that as well.
Since Mister Obama is so intent on adding to the size of our government and adding Czars to his payroll we can have Barry just offer the cartel leaders a czar position with the United States Food and Drug Administration.     You may say… “That means that our government will be corrupt.” Sheeeet brother! You don’t think it already is?! What’s wrong with you? We will be centralizing all of the corruptness in one place. It is easier to keep an eye on them if they are all in one place. We can take the old fence that was along the U.S. / Mexican border, put it around Washington D.C., and still have enough lumber left over for campfires and weenie roasts.
So, I think we should pull all of our troops back on to our own continent and send a message to all of the other countries on this planet including all of holy jihad Muslim extremist freaks without a country that we will nuke the first prick that attacks the United States or her interests.
I am a realist and know that they will attack us anyway. BUT, Here is the key to success. The United States will REALLY nuke them! Yes! I really mean doing what we say we will do. It is a concept the current and many of the previous administrations are unfamiliar with. I guarantee that it will have an eye opening effect on those involved and hell bent on killing us.
A move like this will also allow us to have a great place to vacation! Since Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida beaches are oil soaked and not really suitable for vacationing now we can enjoy our new ports in Tampico and Veracruz.
This is a WIN – WIN proposition folks! This should take care of all of our illegal immigration problems, add to our tax base so we can support the top heavy government we now have, and help all of the Mexican people reach their dreams!
Who is with me!

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