Americans Approve of Obama on Only One Issue
President Barack Obama has less than a 50 percent approval rating for his handling of 12 key issues, with over 50 percent approval for only one  issue — race relations, according to new Gallup Polls.
The polling results show that 52 percent of Americans approve of his handling of race relations, and 38 percent disapprove.
But just 29 percent of those surveyed approve of his performance on immigration, compared to 62 percent that disapprove, and only 31 percent give him a positive mark for his handling of the federal budget deficit, compared to 64 percent who disapprove.
That’s a huge 33 percent gap on both issues.
Only 38 percent of Americans now approve of the way Obama is handling the economy (with 59 percent disapproving), down from 59 percent in March 2009.
His ratings on other issues, according to the polls — one of which is a USA Today/Gallup survey:

Education: 49 percent approve, 40 percent disapprove
Terrorism: 48 percent approve, 45 percent disapprove
Energy policy: 47 percent approve, 42 percent disapprove
Foreign affairs: 44 approve, 48 percent disapprove
The environment: 43 percent approve, 51 percent disapprove
The situation in Iraq: 41 percent approve, 53 percent disapprove
Taxes: 41 percent approve, 54 percent disapprove
Healthcare policy: 40 percent approve, 57 percent disapprove
The situation in Afghanistan: 36 percent approve, 57 percent disapprove

“Less than a majority of Americans give Obama a positive review for the job he is doing as president overall, and the same applies to their opinions of how he is handling most of the issues he is having to contend with as president,” Gallup observes.
The pollster believes Americans could rate Obama poorly either because they feel he is not doing enough (immigration and the deficit), he has taken action they do not approve of (healthcare policy), or they approve of his policies but are disappointed by a lack of progress (Afghanistan and the economy).
Americans are not happy with the performance of Congress as well, Gallup found. The congressional approval average so far this year is just 20 percent, down from 30 percent last year and the lowest of any midterm election year since 1974.