Oh Russ.  I knew that things would start warming up as soon as Ron Johnson won the Primaries.  It didn’t take you long to start bashing and sending out misleading attack ads.  I hope that the people of Wisconsin will start to paying attention to what you’re doing.  I hope that more Wisconsinites will become literate and started looking at your voting record and take note that you SAY one thing and have been DOING another.  Maverick my a$$.  You have become Reed and Pelosi’s mare.

On Monday the (AP) labeled Russ Feingold‘s latest attack ad as “misleading.”  The article also stated the ad’s assertion that Ron Johnson got a “government loan” was not correct.  In other words… He lied, again.

Yesterday, (09/14/2010) WKOW-TV requested that the Feingold campaign remove the ad from the air.  WKOW notes the Feingold ad, “took out all the context” and that “It resembles a WKOW newscast more than a political commercial, right down to the graphics and the anchorman.” The story quotes a UW-Professor saying the ad confuses voters.

News outlets confirm Senator Feingold’s ad is an egregious attempt to fool voters and it doesn’t tell the truth.  Just misstating the facts are enough to pull the ad off the air, but trying to fool voters by making an ad that appears to be a TV news broadcast is desperate. Russ Feingold is obviously willing to mislead and confuse Wisconsin voters right up until election day. That’s what career politicians do.