A Pulaski man was denied entry to Vern’s Do It Best Hardware in Pulaski, WI this week after another person noticed he was wearing a holstered gun.

Pulaski Police spoke to the man in question, and have determined he was well with in his rights.

Although it is their right to operate their business as they deem necessary, it is also our right to not patronize it. Apparently, the operators of this establishment believe that the mere posting of a sign will make their customers and their employees safe. They are sorely mistaken.

The concept that is most difficult for anti-gun people to grasp is the fact that criminals, by definition, do not obey the law. Accordingly, criminals will not respect the wishes of that establishment’s gun ban.  Further, this misguided policy will keep law-abiding gun owners from shopping there.  The end result is that both customers and employees will be less safe.