Okay, Let me get this straight.  The United States gave Afghanistan $35m dollars to promote freedom for women by telling the Afghan children to go fly a kite.

($35 MILLION?!   I’d like to talk about the $35m in the future.  But let’s just focus on the kites for now.)

Well… Alrighty then.  As stupid as that sounds I can understand that it could work.  Capture the minds of the children and then you will capture the country. (Where have I seen this done before?)

Then, the Afghan cops get involved…  No wait… It was the body guards.  They steal the kites and beat the children. No… The steal the kites and beat the GIRLS!  Then they give the kites to the BOYS because they are superior.

Okay, that makes sense. Can anyone see a pattern here? There will NEVER be equality as long as there is a culture or religion based on inequality.

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