There are some of you who believe that the human race actually can control the global climate. To you I say “Yeah, Right!”.  I believe that we can stop littering and basically clean up after our piggy selves but as far as our carbon foot print having anything to do with the climate change is ridiculous.  The climate on this planet has been going through its cyclical changes for millions of years without human intervention.  It will continue to do so for millions of years to come.  Those who are a member of the church of AlGore need to open your eyes and learn to follow the money.  That’s what this “global climate change” thing is all about.

Which brings me to the next item on my list.  The commercial below is trying to tell us to make changes in our lives to reduce our effect on the fictitious global warming crap.  No pressure.  No shit?  What in the hell are the morons who made this commercial thinking?  Watch this if you dare.  It is a bit, shall we say, disturbing.   It stands to reason why.  The people who follow this philosophy are disturbed as well. I guess I just didn’t realize how disturbed and mentally deficient they really were until now.


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